Introducing one of the young(er) faces seen around the Mill! Fletcher Lambert is most often found in the print studio although he can also be seen taking weaving & natural dye workshops. Fletcher is currently in a mentorship program with printmaker Gerald Walsh. Meeting weekly, they collaborate to try out new techniques, refine the old, and fine-tune their block carving skills.

 “My newest project, “Ākohekohe” Hawaiian Honeycreeper has been my most challenging and exciting project because of all the time spent carving. At first it was tough seeing all the details as I continued carving out the block but the excitement grew and the print came out great! I have learned mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese Waterbased printmaking process, from artists Michiko Hamada and Hiroki Morinoue. I’ve been loving Mokuhanga because of how much freedom you have with all the different colors in making a multiple block print. I want to thank the Mill, Jerry, and my mother for all the time and energy they have sacrificed in allowing me to pursue printmaking on a deeper level.”  ~ Fletcher Lambert

“The mentoring of the young generation is among the most important roles we as people can take in life. Thankfully I have the immeasurable pleasure of mentoring/guiding an amazing young man named Fletcher in the creative area of the arts. Through using the tools and studio space of the Donkey Mill, our focus has been geared to developing new techniques and disciplines in relief for the western and Japanese style of printmaking. Fletcher has such an eye for design and detail that it makes my role as a guide simple.  He is such a talented young man whose fire and drive for the arts has helped kindle the same flame within me.”   – Gerald Walsh

Pictured here are Jerry & Fletcher in the studio and a closer view of Fletcher’s artwork: “Ākohekohe”, 2023.