A New Step

The Donkey Mill Art Center is pleased to announce that on September 1, the board of directors made a unanimous appointment of Ashley Raymond to the role of Interim Executive Director. “Ashley was the natural choice, given her topnotch managerial skills in finance, day-to-day operations, and business continuity,” says Board President Natasha Ala. Ashley has been an instrumental part of the Mill’s staff since 2016. Starting out as the front desk representative, she has since been learning every aspect of running an art center in the roles of Administrative Coordinator and Operations Director. In early 2022, she was promoted to Deputy Director in recognition of her integral role in carrying out the Mill’s 2021-2023 strategic plan’s focus on organizational capacity-building.

How It Started

Ashley received her BS in Graphic Communications Management with an emphasis in Visual Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She quickly found her natural ability and passion for business management in running operations for a nationally recognized screen printing company through a period of exponential growth. In 2016, Ashley found her way to Kona, visited the Mill, and felt immediately at home. A job offer and a day later, she was fully immersed in the Cool Fusion: Festival of 1000 Bowls event. Her love of the Mill, its history, community, and culture shines through in her tireless dedication. As the Mill’s Operations Director for nearly four years, Ashley was able to use her skills and passion for arts administration and leadership; maintaining critical administrative and financial processes, managing numerous graphic design and branding projects (including the new website).

How It’s Going

As a highly respected member of the Mill’s staff and community, Ashley’s new role will ensure continuity and consistency as the Mill’s staff and Board keep momentum of multiple strategic plan initiatives. She will continue focusing on maintaining the Mill’s strong financial and strategic position as a place of convergence with robust internal infrastructure, innovative programs to enhance community engagement and master campus plans led by an engaged team of Board, staff and community volunteers.

When she’s not crunching budget numbers or masterminding a tech-related project, you might find her teaching a screen printing class at the Mill or cruising the waves at a nearby surf break. The Board and staff of the Mill share a deep appreciation for the Mill’s community of members, students, parents and volunteers, and wish to thank all for your continuing support in this dynamic time of transition. Please stay tuned for further updates and profiles on our newest Board members.