As I sit to write this note to you, I know I am unable to capture the full extent of the tragedy, loss, and devastation that has occurred recently on both Maui and Hawai‘i islands. Our hearts are heavy and our aloha is endless for those affected. The Mill has always held a steadfast belief in the intangible yet immensely potent ability of art and the human spirit to mend, inspire, and uplift; in the midst of this tragedy, the selflessness and courage displayed by neighbors, friends, and strangers has reinforced this belief. While we will continue to grieve deeply for our neighbors, we, too, will continue to extend our hands in solidarity with the ‘ohana of Hawai‘i.

We’re acutely aware of the profound support that our fellow organizations are extending to the people of Maui and the town of Lāhainā. Being an integral part of both a broader community and a community of our own, we hold the intention of contributing whatever we can to those around us– safety, a platform for expression, solace, and the spirit of aloha– all aimed at providing an opportunity for creation, learning, and personal growth as we heal from these events. It will be a long road ahead, and we will continue to serve as a pu‘uhonua, a place of refuge, for each of you.

Our mission has always been one of convergence and exploration in order to strengthen and inspire the individual and collective well being. If you feel drawn to discover your own pu‘uhonua, we warmly invite you to find it alongside us at the Mill. Our upcoming season is brimming with diverse programs catering to all skill levels and ages. Through these offerings, we seek to provide fresh avenues for sharing stories infused with creativity, resilience, and transformative energy.

In this together,

Ashley Raymond
Executive Director