This year, the Donkey Mill is profoundly grateful to Hōlualoa Inn for their unwavering commitment to the Donkey Mill Art Center and artist community as the Presenting Sponsor for the 17th Annual Art Auction, Bloom. This partnership between the Mill and the Inn, which has flourished for nearly two decades, now rightfully takes center stage at our largest fundraising event of the year.

Hōlualoa Inn owner and longtime Donkey Mill supporter, Cassandra Hazen, demonstrates her love for supporting the arts in West Hawai‘i, particularly of Hōlualoa, through her artwork selection and meticulous interior design efforts. Throughout the Inn’s buildings and grounds, you’ll find a wonderful display of artworks and furnishings, paying homage to the surrounding area with local, artistic talent. Many of the artworks adorning the walls at the Inn are creations by renowned artists who have contributed to Donkey Mill auctions, taught classes at the Mill, or have been long standing members. Reflecting back its own setting, Hōlualoa Inn truly encapsulates the essence of this place.

The Inn’s connection to place, history, and culture is vibrant and profound. Cassandra and the staff of the Inn see themselves as stewards of this historical property, taking great care to preserve the land and honor its cultural heritage. Guests at the Inn can explore paths and gardens lined with blooming flowers, Kona coffee trees, historical features, and native plants that excite every sense. Throughout the gardens, guests will discover a ‘Culture Walk’ featuring sculptures and a meditative walking path– including a section of well maintained trail known to still be traveled by the spirits of Hawaiian ancestors.

We sincerely thank Hōlualoa Inn for their outstanding legacy of support that has paved the way for the Mill to grow and Bloom into what it is today: a place of convergence for the exploration of arts and culture to inform, inspire and strengthen individual and collective well-being.

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Artwork Pictured: Arrested Image of a Dream II by Jiten Thukral & Sumir Tagra

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