Strategic Plan 2021-2023

We aim to build capacity internally, externally, and regionally as a trusted resource for individual and community well-being through arts and culture.

Strategic Plan Art Program strategic plan
Donkey Mill Strategic Plan strategic plan

1. Internal

Invest in organizational infrastructure to create a thriving campus ecosystem where the land, facilities and our programs are equally cared for as interrelated, interdependent elements providing multiple access points for our diverse community to thrive through the exploration of arts and culture.

Campus & Program Support

  • Assess accessibility of physical campus and programmatic relevance for amplifying voices of the land and fostering, intergenerational, diverse cultural connections
  • Enhance inclusivity and reach of exhibition program for emerging and established artists to explore multiple perspectives on topical subjects of importance to our community

Internal Capacity Improvements

  • Build institutional infrastructure to ensure business continuity throughout periods of economic uncertainty
  • Ensure that we have a qualified team necessary to carry out this plan
  • Continually improve business/finance processes, tech infrastructure, HR policies and systems, evaluation benchmarks, communications and marketing strategies

2. Community

  • Learn and grow with the West Hawai‘i community in providing opportunities for connection and collaboration through arts and culture
  • Reach beyond our comfort zones to provide multiple access points for equitable, inclusive programs by and for, representing and reflecting, our diverse community in response to the critical need for unity
  • Adopt a decentralized model in which we not only teach, but also seek to learn and grow from the community

Amplify Voices through our Exhibition Program

  • Utilize the gallery as a vehicle for the exploration of individual and collective identity of Hawaiʻi’s diverse cultures and complex histories
  • Amplify indigenous curatorial processes and community perspectives in the contemporary arts arena informed by Native Hawaiian cultural values

Improving Reach of Youth Programs

  • Address the systemic shortage of available arts programming, qualified instructors and employment opportunities
  • Consistently deliver youth programs, professional development for DOE teachers and aspiring teaching artists, both on campus and in area schools
  • Expand Youth Education teaching artist team through mentorship programs
Community Engagement Art Program strategic plan
Donkey Mill Partnerships Advocacy strategic plan

3. Partnership
& Advocacy

  • Develop partnerships to optimally connect with our diverse community through the arts to address systemic needs
  • Further the Mill’s position as a dependable, effective center for arts advocacy
  • Break down barriers between arts and humanities; arts and sciences; to deepen understanding of art as intrinsic to the human experience as an influential stakeholder in regional governmental and NGO arts initiatives

Building Sustainable Partnerships

  • Commit to growing partnerships with Department of Education (DOE), West Hawaii Community Health Center (WHCHC), Liliuokalani Trust, Full Life Hawaii; ARTS First
  • Emphasize the Mill’s unique role as a regional arts education provider for youth
  • Establish a visiting artists program to energize existing studio programs, complement exhibition plans and provide opportunities for artistic exchange of technique and ideas

Promoting Arts Advocacy

  • Participate in regional forums and panels to raise our profile
  • Gain recognition statewide as an influential stakeholder, in regional governmental and NGO arts initiatives. If we don’t speak up for the arts in West Hawaii, who will?
  • Further the Mill’s position as a dependable, effective center for arts advocacy
  • Invite area cultural practitioners into decision making process and action steps


Youth served by in-school arts programming at the Hōlualoa Elementary School (2017-2021)
Artists exhibited their work at the Mill over the last 5 years
in Youth Program subsidies and/or grants awarded towards youth programs
Went to Hawaii State artists through artwork sales and teaching opportunities (2017 – 2021)

Our Work

We are united in our efforts to improve the quality of life for all in our community, across cultural and socio-economic barriers.